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anthony_hamiltonQ da Kid new single with Anthony Hamilton produced by JD: “Forgive Them” on JD’s new blog,q-da-kid1 GLOBAL14.com

This is going to be a hit!

JD, Q and Anthony Hamilton Livin’ the Life video



Q da Kid Livin’ the Dream Part 2, feat Busta Rhymes and Ron Browz:


Best Of Both Offices Presents Q Da Kid Appears on BET’s “The Deal”


2008 BET Awards Weekend


Behind the Scenes at the On a Mission Video Shoot with Q da Kid and DJ Envy



The Best of Both Offices completes their video diary, Livin the Dream, with TAG Record’s Q da Kid.

Part 1 | Part 2


XXL Mag recently interviewed TAG Records’ Q da Kid.

Read the full article

“Q Da Kid may be a relatively new of name to some, but expect that to soon change. The Brooklyn bred rapper has been working closely with producer/entrepreneur Jermaine Dupri for the last couple years and is now ready to let his voice be heard.

A former member of the group Da Franchise (with Gravy and Red Café), Q signed to thexxlmag-logo newly launched TAG Records this past summer as their first artist. Backed by the support of JD and a strong marketing campaign, he is preparing to release his debut, It Was All A Dream, in the first quarter of 2009.”


Can female rappers make a comeback?

In the early days of hip-hop, female emcees rocked the mic with their male counterparts. Roxanne Shante, The Real Roxanne, MC Lyte and Queen Latifah were just some of the few fem-cees who managed to hang with the boys and also flip their own styles. Then in the 90’s female rap splintered off, creating two separate but distinct factions. On the one hand, there were the Foxy Brown’s and Lil’ Kim’s of the world, who expressed more sexuality in their rhymes than most had been used to and then there was Lauryn Hill who paired hip-hop and R&B like a fine white wine and seared salmon. But then, like a scene out of a bad Sci-Fi channel movie, all of the fem-cees disappeared.

Recently, famed underground lyricist Jean Grae posted her verses for sale on Craigslist. For $800, Jean Grae would spit a hot 16 on a beat CD, tape, MP3 or what ever form of media you’d like to have her rap on. Foxy Brown, who was supposed to be welcomed back into the rap game after serving a bid, reportedly missed her show date and effectively canned her own career. It’s been more than five years since Foxy dropped her last album and in that time a lot about rap music and the music biz have changed significantly. Competition not only surrounds artists on release day, but blogs and fan sites can make, break or resurrect careers.

Given these facts, does it make sense for the female wordsmiths of yesteryear to keep on spitting? We all saw what happened to Amil. One day she was there, the next day there’s rumors that she’s flipping burgers at Burger King. According to the Internet, Lauryn Hill is stark raving mad and her live shows vary from her channeling spirits to slaughtered versions of her own songs. Of course, all these things have to be taken with a grain of salt, because the blogging media loves to throw salt wherever it can. After all, that’s part of the fun.

But just as the fem-cee world splintered off into two parts with Lil’Kim, Foxy and Lauryn, it’s split again, this time creating a new section of artists like Kid Sister, M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj. While some of these artists, particularly Kid Sister and M.I.A. skew more to the hipster side of things, Nicki Minaj, is resurrecting that style of hardcore fem-cee rap that has made artists from the mid-90’s so popular. Even though these rappers are relatively untested, it’s going to be interesting to see whether or not they can make it at a time where the female rap voice is so quiet.

hot97Q da Kid and DJ Envy took the stage and performed their new track off of the TAG Records: On a Mission album in NYC at SOB’s for HOT 97 FM’s “Who’s Next” Concert.

Thanks to CopaTV and BFochs Beat Blog for their continued support of the mission The video below is new footage from the event.


Violin meets the DJ in this amazing video from Paul Dateh combining the sounds of the old world with the methods of the new.

Check out the video below for proof positive and if you are still craving more Paul, browse the rest of the creative genius at his website, pauldateh.com


obama_shep_print_final2The Detroit Free Press writes, Famous Fan Obama Might Change Hip Hop.

Poignant Commentary from Russel Simmons, President Elect Barack Obama, and Rev. Al Sharpton.

“In the wake of Obama’s victory, Simmons struck a more conciliatory tone, calling it a “glorious” affirmation of “the hip-hop generation and its young people.”…”



Of course, its not always prudent to change the game at each studio sit down. With that in mind, Adam Brown @ Audiotuts.com writes:

“In the early days of hip hop, when it was just two turntables and a microphone, having a ready collection of samples and drum breaks was mandatory….Nevertheless, some samples refused to die. Some are even still used (and abused) to this day. For example…” READ MORE on the 8 Most Over-Used Samples in Hip Hop


alchemistcookbookbk3The Rap Up highlights one of our favorite trends in hip hop, the blend and convergence, and use of animation in music videos. As they put it: “Animation is the new black, but I’m not complaining.” We have to agree.

See more from Alchemist on tour with Meth and Red and the new “Lose Your Life” animated video featuring Snoop Dog



Danny Hoch, actor, writer, hip hop aficionado, presents “Taking Over”, “a hip-hop writer’s attempt to reconcile two sides of New York”

“about gentrification in New York, is now in previews at the Public Theater and opens on Nov. 23 – recognizes that his romantic pattern is incongruous, if not hypocritical, given that he is a “flag-waving antigentrifier.” But it is suggestive of the complex feelings that animate “Taking Over,” his first new solo show in 10 years.” -International Herald Tribune


wildstyleWild Style, the classic 1983 movie about the emerging hip-hop underground, plays the Film Forum (209 W. Houston St.) November 14-20.

East Village Radio writes,

“…. Other early hip-hop movies like Breakin’ look laughably silly now, but Charlie Ahearn’s largely improvised documentary-style tale of a South Bronx subway tagger (played by legendary graffiti artist Lee Quinones) on the run from fame and the law still feels bracingly real. Appearances by Fab Five Freddy, Grandmaster Flash, and other old-school legends add to its time-capsule appeal.

Ahearn and special guests will appear at the 10 p.m. screenings on Friday and Saturday night…”

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Q da Kid will be appearing on The Weekly Riff on the FUSE channel tonight at 6PM EST/3PM PST. (it will also be re-airing at 11PM EST)

Tune in to catch the action and check back here next week for the video.

Check with your Cable/Satellite provider for channel listings.

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