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Back in 1995, Mobb Deep rapped that there was a war going on that no man was safe from. It seems that those words are ringing true today, only this time it’s happening not only overseas but also in hip-hop.

That probably sounds more intense than it is, but with a damn riot breaking out at a recent Three 6 Mafia concert, you have to wonder if everyone’s stress level is at a fever pitch and heads are just looking to throw down. And not the way that Bobby Flay does on the Food Network.

Seems that duo Juicy J and DJ Paul were doing their usual hits in LA when fans and security guards got into it and pretty much tore the club down, only to be torn down by the police. According to the Inter-webs, Sunset Blvd had to be shut down because of the incident.

Now, usually you’d expect a riot to break out at an East Coast show if someone like G-Unit or Wu-Tang Clan was on. But LA-ers, for the most part, are pretty docile and don’t spend as much time around people as they do in their cars. So for people to really be ready to break stuff in the club, the show would have to have been that good.

Of course, the best part of the whole scenario is that Three 6 won an Oscar, had a show on MTV, and despite all of their mainstream success, they’re still causing fans to take it to the streets when they hear their music.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that fighting to sounds of rap music is right (although in this instance it is funny). All I’m saying is that these dudes were ill enough to get all sorts of awards but not let it go to their heads. Regardless of what you think of their songs’ content, they’re still putting out head bangers.

Or maybe it’s head bussas?




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