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When hip-hop gets robbed of its jewels, time to stop the flossing

Robbing rappers is nothing new, but it seems that these days even those on the peripherals of hip-hop may get got, just on GP. Recently, there were rumors that Dipset member Juelz Santana got stuck while in London. It’s never been all that surprising to hear about artists encountering trouble while overseas, but it is slightly more troublesome when boxers are getting stuck too.

Or so says the Internets.

It was “reported” in the rumors section of hip-hop news site Allhiphop.com that boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather was recently taken to the tune of $7 million dollars after someone robbed his home, making off with mostly jewelry. Now, no one’s here to test Mayweather’s gangster, but it seems like there’s been an overwhelming amount of rappers who have been getting jacked for their gems lately and now – just by association – it’s spilling over onto any one who’s involved in the scene.

Good thing I’m not into flossing more jewels than I can carry. I guess it’s a problem that most people don’t have, but since I’m always looking out for hip-hop’s rhyme slangers, here’s my suggestion – rock no jewels. Rocking no jewels could become the next big trend in hip-hop like, following close behind rockstar tees and putting mid-90’s singers from the UK in their place.

(Thanks, Jay)

But then again, given the competitive nature of things in rap music, artists would start getting jacked for their tee-shirts or belt buckles or whatever else would take the place of jewels.

And then we’d be back to square one.




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