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Ghostface’s R&B Album is on the way

Ghostface Killah aka Tony Starks aka Pretty Toney aka Ironman Starks aka the truest chameleon in hip-hop is working on a new album, and while it’s not what you’d traditionally expect from the Wu-Tang clansman it’s definitely something that’s right up his alley.

Ghostface, you see, is dropping an R&B record.

But judging by his track record, this should come as no surprise. Let’s take a look back at some of GFK’s most memorable R&B cuts.

All That I Got Is You feat. Mary J. Blige

This is the quintessential Ghostface R&B jam. Ghost’s verses about growing up poor coupled with the Queen of hip-hop and R&B’s crooning made this one of the most standout tracks on “Ironman.”

We Made It

No wait, that wasn’t an R&B cut, that was just a great song.

Never Be the Same Again feat. Carl Thomas

This was probably the first major indication that Ghost was a big R&B head. For the first single from the “Bulletproof Wallets” Starks tapped Carl Thomas to sing about how infidelity can ruin a relationship. Revolutionary, to say the least.

Love Session feat. Ruff Endz

Where did he pull these guys from? The fact that Ghost grabbed Ruff Endz from wherever he found them is proof of both his genius and his willingness to take a chance on unknown artists. But then again, Wu-Tang’s always been about teaching the babies.


People always say that Ghost is a trendsetter. With this trendsetting track he proved that R&B is more than some dude pining over a girl at the club. Rather than sample a song, Ghost did the next best thing and just rapped over the entire thing. Brilliant on so many different levels and unscrupulously copied by many others.

Love feat. Musiq & K. Fox

His name is Ghostface Killah and he has an R&B cut named “Love.” Without fail, GFK is the most ingenious rapper there is in the game today. Plus, he was working with Musiq when people didn’t know what dude was up to.

Back Like That feat. Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo had been dropping jams for a while when this song made it on to “Fishscale,” but it was Ghost’s co-sign that let all the hard knocks know it was cool to check for his songs.

You Know I’m No Good feat. Amy Winehouse

Going forward, Amy Winehouse should give 10% of her take home earnings to Ghost. Because of this massive co-sign on the “More Fish” album, Amy got street cred, which she kind of took and ran with a little too far…

Judging from Ghost’s track record, seems that he’s in a good spot to drop an album.



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