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Boss Lady recently sat down with Brooklyn-born rapper Q Da Kid in the So So Def/Island Def Jam offices.

The first artist signed to Jermaine Dupri’s TAG Records, Q talks about his big break after rapping “forever”, moving from New York to Miami to Atlanta and the industry connects he’s built over the years and crafting a classic debut with It Was All A Dream, due for release later this year.

Check it out and share your thoughts!



The United States government has yet to acknowledge it, Jay-Z doesn’t want to talk about it and Young Jeezy named his album after it.

Seems like everyone’s skirting the issue of the impending (and, according to most, already here) economic recession.

If there’s one thing that hip-hop’s notoriously good at, it’s skirting major issues that affect everyone except for the 1% of the notoriously wealthy.

Take that Swizz Beatz song where the producer-turned-rapper-turned-luxury-car-dealership-owner name-drops Oprah, Bill Gates and that little phone that Steve Jobs pioneered. Rather than acknowledging what most people are going through, your favorite rapper is probably letting you know what he has and you don’t.

With the exception of the Snowman who can’t be banned: Young Jeezy.

Yeahhh…that’s right.

*Cues up “Put On” Instrumental

The great thing about a multiplatinum rapper like Young Jeezy naming his album after this economic slump is that he’s doing something that no other artist in hip-hop has done yet – he’s acknowledged that it exists.

Chances are Jeezy’s album will do un-recession like numbers and he’ll be able to fill up all his exotic cars with overpriced gas. But Jeezy’s album will remain timeless because he’s naming it after a time period – one that people will be remembering for at least the next five years. After all, recessions don’t just end. It takes a while before economic stability comes back and even then there’s a lot of work that has to be done.

In fact, Jeezy could pull himself a three-peat here, a la Jay-Z making the Blueprint a trilogy, and come out with a second effort called “Economic Despair” and a third named…well let’s see if he decides to go that route.

*Stops “Put On” Instrumental

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