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War of the Singers

Posted on: November 24, 2008

When R&B singers start beefing, things can only go downhill.

Rappers, you guys better start watching out. Seems like the R&B contingent may be stepping into your territory. On Big Boy’s radio show, Ne-Yo recently threw some shots at Young Berg and Chris Brown. With regards to Berg, Ne-Yo agreed that dude needs a three-finger face slap, and with Brown, he said that dude has some personal hygiene problems.

Whoa. Those sound like fighting words! Not to mention, Chris Brown is doing commercials for Wrigley’s gum. At least his breath isn’t kicking, right? I mean, don’t you get some sort of life supply of gum for doing an endorsement?

The last guy who threw down for the R&B team was R.Kelly and we all know how that played out. Not well, not well at all. In fact, it didn’t play out so well that Jay-Z had Kelly pretty much booted from his tour. And to think, R. Kelly is one of the gangster-est R&B singers to ever croon on a mic.

However, with this Ne-Yo situation, it opens up the floodgates for other R&B singers to be chucking shots at the competition. This is one of those situations where things could get ugly and rappers are going to have to clean up the mess.

Imagine that.

With Ne-Yo taking not one but two shots at the competition, the whole natural order of urban music has been turned upside down. R&B singers are generally the level headed members of the music community, generally staying out of the beef that your everyday, run of the mill hip-hoppers love to get into. What’s going to happen is everyone from Trey Songz to The-Dream are going to be calling out their chart companions. With any luck, they’re going to have a sing off, which will not only provide some amazing radio songs, but also some great blog fodder.

But is this what we’ve come to? R&B singers picking fights with other R&B singers? If anything, this puts rappers into an awkward position as they need to pick the right side. Most rappers need at least one R&B track on their album if they’re going to sell any songs to the radio and if they side with the wrong singer they may end up on the wrong side of the playlist – as in not being played at all.

Of course, there’s one way to smooth all of this out, and it deals with the other guy that Ne-Yo called out; Young Berg.

For a guy whose songs most people can’t remember, Berg’s been called out for everything from the type of woman that he likes, to getting his chain stolen every other day like he’s trapped on Groundhog’s Day. Berg should go on the offensive and not only clap back at Ne-Yo, but also any other R&B singers out there, unless he wants to incur the upcoming R&B wrath that’s brewing.


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